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Welcome aboard!

I’m José Manuel Nieto, also known as SuperJMN, and this is my library for .NET 4.5 (WPF).

I called it Glass: Transparent, like me. It’s full of things I have discovered while walking down the jungle of WPF. It’s also fragile, since it’s not fully tested and contains parts that are being tested, if not broken Sonrisa

First of all, I would like to thank some of the best .NET programmers out there for their invaluable help, guidance and great knowledge they gave me, directly or indirectly. Some of you really supported me.


This is a library that expects to address common situations when developing under the MVVM approach. It contains all the things I find useful to use in my applications.


This is the library for WPF that I'm developing in my free time. It contains a lot of useful things you may use for your own projects. It's oriented to serve really common tasks that you would need working under the MVVM pattern.

Feel free to comment and collaborate. If you find an issue, please, tell me, and if you find a fix... with even more reason! Contact me in Twitter: @SuperJMN

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