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  • LocalizedCategoryAttribute. Attribute that let’s you localize the category of properties using reflection.
    [LocalizedCategory(Name=”TokenOfString”, ResourceType=typeof(ResourceManager)]
  • LocalizedDescriptionAttribute. Analogue to the previous one.

Behaviors. Interaction Behaviors

  • DragDropBehavior.

You can attach it to either Panels or ItemsControls. They can be configured to start a drag&drop operation or to receive it.


    • IsDragSource: When true, the associated object can start a drag operations.
    • IsDropTarget: When true, the associated object can receive drop operation.
    • DropMode: Determines if the drop operations are made into the associated object itself of onto its children.
    • DropCommand: Command that will be executed when the associated object receives a drop action. The parameter of the command is the object that has been dropped.
    • ExportItems: If the associated object is an ItemsControl and this property is true, it will export naked items. For example, if a ListBox with its ItemsSource property set to a collection of strings, the the string related to the item being dragged will be used in the operation, not the ListBoxItem. This is really useful since it can bring you bussiness objects, not UI objects.
    • AllowedDropType: When set, the associated object will only accept drop operations of this type. No derived type of types implementing interfaces by the moment Triste but it really easy to implement!
    • DropTarget: When a drop operation is taking place, this dependency property will be set to the UI object in which the item has been dropped onto.
    • DropPoint: When a drop operation is taking place, this dependency property will reflect the Point relative the the associated object in which the items has been dropped.


  • EditableTextBlock. It’s a TextBlock that turns into a TextBox! Just it click twice and you will be able to edit its text. Just can press Enter or click away. When it loses its focus, changes are made permanent. If you press the Escape key, it recovers the previous value Open-mouthed smile
  • FontFamilyPicker . Just as it says.
  • ThicknessEditor. Let’s you modify the components of a Thickness value. It is useful when combined when the PropertyGrid (Xceed WPF Toolkit) as editor.


Contains controls and utilities to allow you change the size and location of items at runtime.

In a while I will give you a brief sample of each functionality, although it's really basic and it's subject to sudden changes from time to time.

Don't forget this is a WIP!

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